Sleepers - FREE MONEY

So what's a "sleeper" on a Crap Table ?  You won't find what it is on anyone's FAQ sheet. You can try to Google it ... You won't find it there either.

The fact is,  many of the top players in the world don't know about  "sleepers".  But I do, and I make money from sleepers.  SLEEPERS ARE legally free for the taking ... 

 I can spot sleepers from anywhere on a crap table. 

When I personally get on a crap table to make a play.   Even though I know how to cheat them.  I would never try to cheat a casino.

But when I do step up to play ...  Stand back and take cover because I am a predator and I'll take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself when I play craps.   Gambling is a war I don't plan to lose and I'm wide eyed and ready to fight.

If the dealer makes a mistake and pays me too much on a winning bet.   That money is mine and if I see a  "sleeper"  and I can reach it ...  I'm taking it ! 

I've gotten a $1200 sleeper at the Mirage - I've gotten several $500 sleepers - and many many $25 and $100 sleepers.  It's FREE money.  I'm not shy about taking them. 



You want to know where to find them ?   You want some of that action.  Did you know there are people in Las Vegas who make a living out of just taking sleepers ?    I know 2 of them and both live in very nice homes.

You might have read on our home page that I'm not the type of guy who likes giving away things free to people.  I'm not apologizing for that.  There are just too many people that want everything free. 

I don't even talk about sleepers in the  seminar.   The less people that know about them the better.

So why should I tell you ? 

Well I won't !  

There's several things on this website that's free.  EVERYTHING I give away is valuable.  I don't try to fool anybody.  If you'll read my pages ... YOU WILL BENEFIT.

But I'm not giving away the farm. 

 Let's Call This a Teaser:

Let me teach you the game of craps.  Let me show you how to win money in a casino.        E-mail me after you download the seminar and I'll tell you all about sleepers.  



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