Traps You Won't Find On A Golf Course

You  need to know there are traps on a Crap Table.  Bets that look good to your eye but are hazardous to your bank roll.

You may have read a page on a website and know how to bet the pass line and how to play the field.  You understand those bets and how to play them.  But are they good bets ?

Don't Let This Happen to You ....

You step up to a Crap Table and the point is 6.  People are screaming and there's money all over the table.  You want some of that action so you bet $5.00 on the pass line and $5.00 in the field.  These are two common bets that inexperienced players will make.

There is a player next to you sitting fat with cash and winning money every roll of the dice.  He tells the dealer give me 32 inside.  $5.00 - 3 way 8 hopping. 

 You just shake your head.   But when the dice land he yells press.  Parlay the hard 8.  
If you know how to play Craps ... this bet is easily understood.

Unfortunately For You

The dealer takes your  $5.00 out the field because you lost the  bet  when an 8 rolled  so you toss another $5.00 in the field because you're just learning ? ( and losing )

After all, the only numbers you can lose on playing the field  is 5-6-7-8.  That makes sense doesn't it ?  
That looks like a good bet to your eye ... BUT NO ... IT'S A TRAP !

Because you lose again in the field when the next rolls is 4-4.  The guy next to you,  says "bring me down on my place bets,  give me $500 and down on the hardway." 


You've lost $10.00 but the guy standing next to you, playing on the same table,  just put $560.00 in his pocket (in two rolls)

Because he knows how to play craps and you read a page on somebody's website.
Not only do you need to avoid traps, you need to know the game to win serious money.

The play referenced above is one of many taught in our seminar,
"Shoot Craps to Win !"





















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